Fixing Living Area: How Errors Are Costing Carriers Billions in Premiums


The living area data that carriers rely on to determine replacement cost estimates can be wildly inaccurate. Many properties in a typical carrier’s book contain substantial underestimations in living area, leading to sizable errors. An improvement in living area accuracy would positively affect widespread underinsurance and help insurers capture premium being left on the table.

Living area data accuracy has been nearly impossible to come by, but new innovations in AI and multisource machine learning have unlocked a significant opportunity for carriers. Join us as our team dives into the unstable foundation created by inaccurate data and the technology powering substantial impact for insurers operating in a challenging market.

Meet the Presenters //

Emily Prestley
Go-to-Market Lead at
CAPE Analytics
Matt Corbin
Senior Product Manager
at CAPE Analytics


Emily Prestley is the Go-To-Market Lead of the Primary Property Elements product segment at CAPE Analytics. In this role, she develops and executes the go-to-market strategy for the PPE suite of products, with a focus on maximizing the ROI delivered to clients. Prior to CAPE, Emily spent several years in insurance product management at Liberty Mutual Insurance and Plymouth Rock Home Assurance Corporations focused on strategy and analytics to drive profitable growth in complex insurance markets.

Matt Corbin is a Senior Product Manager at CAPE Analytics, leading the development of innovative property intelligence solutions. With extensive experience in the property and casualty insurance industry, he leverages cutting-edge technology and unique data sources to improve the precision, reliability, and transparency of home insurance products. Before joining CAPE Analytics, Matt spent 15 years at State Farm, where he made significant contributions aimed at the advancement and modernization of homeowners’ insurance.