Contractual Risk Transfer and So Much More!


In this guide, you will be working through contractual risk transfer, additional insureds, and the primary and noncontributory requirements.  More specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • Equity & fairness in business relationships
  • Contractual risk transfer
  • Insured & additional insured status
  • Primary & noncontributory requirements
  • The situation – the claim – settling the claim

This webinar transcript is presented by Chris Boggs of the Big “I” Virtual University.  

Christopher Boggs, CPCU, ARM, ALCM, LPCS, AAI, APAChristopher J. Boggs, CPCU, ARM, ALCM, LPCS, AAI, APA, CWCA, CRIS, AINS

Executive Director, Big I Virtual University

Chris Boggs is the Executive Director of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (Big “I”) Virtual University. His current duties involve researching, writing, and teaching property and casualty insurance coverages and concepts to Big “I” members and others in the insurance industry. During his career, Boggs has authored more than 1,000 insurance and risk management-related articles on a wide range of topics as diverse as Credit Default Swaps, the MCS-90, and enterprise risk management. In addition to this, Boggs has written 15 insurance and risk management books.