Car Thefts with Keys Left in Car: National Insurance Crime Bureau Report 2016


This ForeCAST Report analyzes the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) vehicle theft data to identify trends and patterns regarding vehicle thefts in the United States where the vehicle was taken with the keys. Vehicle thefts included in this analysis are those where it is believed that the vehicle’s key was used to steal the vehicle. Theft scenarios include opportunistic thefts while a vehicle is being warmed up in the winter with keys in the ignition, instances where thieves simply drove off because owners left keys in the vehicle console, and other thefts where the vehicle was stolen through use of the keys. This report includes the top 10 theft states and theft core-based statistical areas (CBSAs). This report also studies the trend in model years stolen. In addition, the report takes a similar look at unrecovered vehicle thefts with keys, including the top 10 unrecovered theft states, and CBSAs. The last section of this report analyzes trends and patterns in vehicle thefts with keys with relation to dates of theft.

Report prepared by NICB’s Olivia Ortiz, Strategic Analyst, and Josh Cahill, Strategic Analyst.