Top 3 Myths of Cyber Risk For Small & Medium-Size Businesses


The impact of cyber attacks on small and medium-size businesses includes lost customers, distracted staff, reputational harm, fines and damages, and expenses for forensics, remediation, notification, credit monitoring, and legal defense and/or settlements.

This report will assist you in educating your small and medium-size business clients on the risks they face from:

  • Poor control and lack of encryption tools on laptops and mobile devices
  • Rogue employees or simple human error
  • Fraudulent email invoices
  • Spyware intrusion targeting unsecured customer records
  • Ransomware attacks

All of these affect thousands of firms of all sizes and are increasing at an ominous rate, according to Relations Insurance Services.

Read this report to demystify the cyber risk to business owners and highlight potential gaps in coverage.