Motivating Half the Workforce



“In a surprising study, women are less likely to aspire to leadership roles than men. We look at the data and suggest causes and possible solutions for engaging women in leadership roles.”

In 2019, Bellevue University partnered with Human Capital Media Research and Advisory Group to explore variances in each generations’ views of leadership through a study of more than 2,000 professionals. With five generations in the workforce, the presumption was that each generation would have different expectations and aspirations relating to career leadership roles.

What surprised Bellevue is that there are far more differences between men’s and women’s views of leadership than there are among generation groups. In fact, gender is the single most predictive variable for differences in leadership preferences.  This report focuses on gender specific responses to the survey, highlighting continued challenges for women in the workforce.

We thank Bellevue University for sharing the insights with our audience.