How Does an Insurer Become a Model Innovator?


Inspired by one of Carrier Management’s most read articles,  watch now to learn how insurers of all sizes and across all lines of business can:

  • leverage data analytics, technology, and culture to deliver valuable innovations for customers
  • activate the role of your agency distribution network in innovation
  • provide leaders the tools leaders to build sustainable innovation

Meet our panelists: Guy Russ, AVP of Risk Control for Church Mutual talks with CM Guest Editor Mike Fitzgerald

Mike Fitzgerald

The most innovative ideas in the insurance industry don’t always come from global mega insurers with large teams of technology experts that spend all their time devoted to imagining new ways of doing business.


Guy Russ

Church Mutual, a Wisconsin-based specialist insurer with a workforce of just over 1,000 employees, proved that a few years ago when it implemented an innovative internet of things solution for its customers.