The Evolving Role of the Underwriter


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Between the Lines is a new video series where we take a quarterly look at Carrier Management magazine, with interviews, commentary and in-depth analysis of the stories featured in the latest issue.

In this episode, Carrier Management deputy editor Elizabeth Blosfield will talk with experts about how underwriting needs to evolve with this ever-changing landscape. Tech advancements, changing climate risk, growing cyber threats, and new generations of insurance consumers mean that underwriters today have a lot to keep up with.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why underwriting is becoming more specialized
  • How the search for underwriting talent is changing
  • How to help your MSO clients deal with the garble of state-by-state regulations
  • The ways behavioral science is benefitting underwriters
  • Where tech advancements are taking the industry
  • What can be done to assess changing climate risk
Host: Elizabeth Blosfield
Deputy Editor at
Carrier Management
Tracey Ant
Head of Middle & Large Commercial Business Units,
The Hartford
Lore Farrell
VP of Product Management,
Slice Labs
Tim Zawacki
Principal Research Analyst,
S&P Global Market
Elizabeth Johnson
Chief Operating Officer,


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