Graphic Insight from PwC CEO Study: How Insurers Will Attract Talent

March 4, 2016

Staffing expectations from the two reports are summarized in a related article, “Insurer Staff Declines Greater than Anticipated in 2015.”
While job cuts at a handful of insurance companies shrank the U.S. insurance carrier workforce by about 600 jobs last year, for the most part, property/casualty insurers are looking to increase or maintain staffing levels this year globally, according to results of two recent surveys: The Semi-Annual U.S. Insurance Labor Study by The Jacobson Group and Ward Group, and the the 19th Annual Global CEO Survey.

The PwC survey, which includes the responses of 101 insurance CEOs in 43 countries, also reveals the strategies that insurance industry chief executive officers say their companies will pursue to compete in the talent market. The responses are shown below alongside responses of CEOs in other industries. (Click on graphic to expand.)

PwC CEO 2016 Talent Strategies
The PwC survey solicited CEO views on topics beyond talent management, including barriers to growth, competitive threats, business imperatives and strategies to keep pace with changing technology.