Verisk Maplecroft Political Risk Outlook 2020


The research in this report uses risk indices, data and analyst projections on civil unrest to quantify the extent of the global wave of protests; forecast the risk for countries and business in 2020 and beyond; pinpoint the issues driving unrest; and reveal where protesters are at highest risk of abuses committed by security forces.

Key findings

  • 47 countries saw a significant rise in protests over 2019, according to our quarterly Civil Unrest Index, which scores and ranks 198 jurisdictions on their level of risk
  • 75 countries are projected to see an increase in civil unrest during the next 6 months
  • Protests in Hong Kong and Chile, which saw among the greatest increases in risk over the last year, are unlikely to improve over the next two years
  • Protestors are at highest risk of extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrest and torture in the 36 countries rated extreme risk in our Security Forces and Human Rights Index, including China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Thailand, all of which are forecast to experience an uptick in protests over the next 6 months

We thank Verisk Maplecroft for sharing this report with our audience.