Risk Management Checklist: Are You Helping Clients Navigate Their Critical Areas of Risk?


Use this tool to keep track of all the areas of risk your clients might be exposed to and ensure you’re helping cover them all.  In addition to selling them the insurance policies they need, one way you can make your clients’ lives easier is by helping them to reduce their claims. Giving them tools to help mitigate risk can go a long way in this area, making it easier for you to retain clients and grow your business. Ideas to consider include:

  • Automation of incident reporting and trend analysis
  • Training to prevent future incidents
  • Providing strategic guidance as you monitor problem areas

Download this checklist now for a comprehensive way to keep track of all the areas you can help protect your clients from risk, ranging from P&C risks to employment law risks.

Act now to prove your value and ensure clients can manage their insurance costs, have greater visibility into their own trends, and stay on top of regulatory requirements!