Overcoming Market Saturation: How Producers Can Grow Their Book of Business


Use this no-nonsense approach to grow your book of business and gain a competitive edge. Learn why differentiation could be your best marketing strategy.

Even as the insurance industry continues to grow, many feel that saturation has led to agencies and brokers playing a zero-sum game. Taking on new customers can be both difficult and costly – often more expensive than retaining an existing customer. Additionally, the over saturated market means customer loyalty is low, so you must have ways to differentiate yourself and show value.

Download this whitepaper to get a better understanding of what differentiators you can take advantage of, including:

  • Unique selling propositions
  • Value-add products that competitors don’t sell
  • Proven, turnkey products and services

In this age of saturation, you can still grow your client base through effective differentiation. Act now to gain a head start on your competition!