Gain the Competitive Edge by Strengthening Your WC Subrogation Results


Claim executives unanimously agree that a strong subrogation program has immense value. However, it can be difficult for over-burdened claim handlers to effectively find and properly pursue subrogation opportunities — especially with differing jurisdictional rules from state to state.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Spartan Recoveries’ deep learning and natural language processing technology can be the competitive edge:

  • Early identification of subrogation opportunities via First Notice of Loss Subrogation Program (FNOL)
  • Capturing missed subrogation through Closed File Reviews (CFR)

Case Study
See how Spartan Recoveries was instrumental in identifying a Loss Transfer recovery of almost $15k and, through aggressive claims handling, was successful in obtaining a full settlement within 6 months of identifying the opportunity.

Bonus Case Study
See how a Closed File Review (CFR) conducted by Spartan Recoveries for a regional Workers Compensation carrier identified a missed subrogation opportunity to recover nearly $21K in paid medical and indemnity payments.