Business Email Compromise: A Global Threat


Covid-19 has drastically changed how carriers operate. Almost overnight, carriers shifted to working remotely — challenging how employees communicate, work efficiently and operate securely.

This shift has also led to a sizable uptick in fraudulent activity. In particular, fraud operators are taking advantage of new business email compromise (BEC) schemes.

Download this report to learn:

  • The evolution of BEC tactics and how businesses are being defrauded
  • How fraud operators are using malware and other tactics to hack into email servers to enhance their traps and their ability to social engineer their victims
  • How businesses can proactively validate account information in real-time, before a potentially fraudulent payment is disbursed

Discover how well-organized, internationally-based fraud operations are deploying increasingly more sophisticated and elusive BEC tactics (including the use of highly-advanced social engineering tactics, malware, and other schemes) and what to do to protect your employees and organization.