7 Ways Insurers Should Use Technology to Augment Their Teams


For the Insurance industry, digital transformation has shifted from the 3 – 5 year plan to the 6 month plan. That transformation doesn’t mean replacing the human aspects of the industry, but rather augmenting them with technology to make insurers smarter and more efficient.

This guide will show insurers how to achieve this transformation in critical areas:

  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Virtual operations
  • Straight through processing and elimination of manual processes
  • Product roll out
  • Customer empathy based on client centricity
  • Scenario based planning and situational awareness

Insurers can think of technology as a way to augment your teams, making them “bionic”. Insurance is still a people driven industry, with personal interactions and relationships driving much of the business. The goal of the ‘bionic’ strategy is to enhance your relationships and the underlying operations that support them with technology.

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