Cambridge Mobile Telematics’ New Smartphone Tech Lets Auto Insurers Reconstruct Crashes

January 9, 2020

Cambridge Mobile Telematics is launching a new product that lets auto insurers use smartphones reconstruct crashes as part of the claims process.

The company said its new Claims Studio product line for smartphone use gives claims adjusters access to “robust, unbiased telematics and contextual crash data after an impact occurs.”

Claims Studio/Cambridge Mobile Telematics

CMT said its ability to detect crashes has been marketed since 2015, but now the technology has been expanded to support the end-to-end claims process. As the Massachusetts-based telematics and analytics provider explains, the Claims Studio line uses telematics and artificial intelligence to reproduce how a crash happened, creating a data-driven narrative to accelerate the claims process.

Insurers using this can access key details like speed, severity, and vehicle impact location early in the process, and then they spend less time collecting information from drivers and third parties. Having the technology is designed to give insurers more time to confirm facts and accurately access loss, Cambridge Mobile Telematics said.

Claims Studio includes the following products:

Source: Cambridge Mobile Telematics