Research & Trends: 3 Ways to Improve Commercial Auto Underwriting Efficiency Today

September 6, 2019 by Pamela Simpson

This is the final week to gain insights from PriceDigest’s guide “3 Ways to Improve Commercial Auto Underwriting Efficiency Today,” available through September 17th on Research & Trends. In addition to providing a state of the industry perspective on digital transformation and the challenges and solutions for carriers, the paper also contains a very informative case study for commercial auto insurers focused on Turn-Key Solutions for Immediate Improvement of Data Workflow Efficiency. This study addresses:

Download your copy of the guide, before September 17th, to understand the benefits derived from a more efficient underwriting process. Not every organization is immediately ready for a direct data integration due to budgeting or development resources constraints. Our sponsor, Price Digests, knows that and has developed a way to offer batch VIN decoding via its Excel-based decision tool that does not require any development or data integration and is ready to go out of the box.