Humility Helps First-Time Managers Build Stellar Reputations

March 8, 2019

So you’re a first-time manager, an executive on the rise. How do you approach the employees who serve under you? Humility is a better approach than taking on a nascent leadership role with guns blazing, a recent blog posting recommends.

“You might have an idea of what a good manager does, [but] the truth is it’s not as easy as it looks,” writes Jesse Lyn Stoner in her blog with the Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership.

Stoner noted that being a good manager takes time to get right and that mistakes will be inevitable, so humility is a smarter way to go than relying on premature and unearned confidence.

“Recognize that you will make mistakes—it’s inevitable. And when you do, you need to own up to them,” the blog piece argues. “You will earn much more respect by being open to feedback, asking for help when you need it and making changes when you’re off track.”

Stoner’s comments are part of a larger blog posting, “6 Tips for First-Time Managers,” which can be accessed here.