‘Barista Wrist’ Sidelines Coffee Shop Workers Longer Than Other Injuries: AmTrust

December 26, 2018

Restaurant workers miss about a month from work from a variety of injuries, on average, but for coffee shop workers, wrist injuries are the biggest danger. In fact, Barista Wrist, can keep café workers sidelined for more than a year.

“Our data supports the increasingly accepted belief that the repetitive stress injury known as ‘Barista Wrist’ is a very real condition as wrist injuries accounted for the most days of work missed,” said Matt Zender, SVP and Workers’ Compensation Product Manager for AmTrust, in a statement reporting some of the findings of the “AmTrust Restaurant Risk Report.”

The report, summarizing insights based on more than 84,000 claims with loss payments from 2013 to 2017 by the AmTrust’s restaurant clients, reveals that Barista Wrist results in an average of 366 days to return to work.

The claims study also reveals that cafés and coffee shops yield the highest lost time among the workers comp claims—on average 45 percent more time lost than all other restaurant types.

Among the other findings:

AmTrust’s data also indicated that restaurant claims increase in the summer months, which is peak season for many restaurants, with roughly 4-5 percent more employees on staff in June, July and August compared to other months. Similar to past years, July was the highest month for claims in 2017, with 13 percent more claims than an average month.

The full AmTrust “Restaurant Risk Report 2018” is available in Research & Trends.

According to A.M. Best, AmTrust was the fourth largest workers compensation writer based on 2017 premiums.