Getting the Most From Critical Feedback

October 26, 2018

Critical feedback can be an opportunity or a hindrance—it all depends on how you react, says a new post from the blog Let’s Grow Leaders. Ignoring negative feedback can cost you credibility, while overreacting and trying to address it all can leave you paralyzed, warns leadership coach David Dye.

He offers a list of “10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Criticism.” Among them:

Manage your emotions. Get perspective and consider the value (or lack of it) in the feedback.

Look for patterns. If one person says it, file it. If two people say it, pay attention. If three or more people have the same feedback, it’s time to take it seriously.

Test it. If you suspect there is a valuable perspective in the feedback, check in with your truth-tellers, mentors and coach.

Ignore it. Remember that you don’t need to react to every bit of criticism you receive. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone, so focus on feedback that adds value.

Be responsive. When it makes sense and is consistent with your values and mission, be clear about how you are responding to the feedback. And if something prevents you from responding, be clear about that as well.

For the rest of Dye’s tips, see the full posting: “How Leaders Can Get the Most from Criticism