AI Investments Give Insurers 10X the Return: Accenture

July 26, 2018

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics and other “intelligent” technology could help U.S. insurers boost their profitability by up to $20 billion, according to a new Accenture report.

Carriers appear to increasingly embrace the technology potential. About 53 percent of insurers surveyed said they were already using intelligent technology in one or more business process. And 46 percent said they’re looking into or piloting the technologies to streamline some of their business processes or customer experiences.

The data for insurers who have already incorporated some of these options into their operations is telling. According to Accenture, insurers that have used some aspect of this technology to revamp their customer experience and drive more human/machine interaction and collaboration are getting returns more than 10 times their initial investment.

Accenture estimates that the tech could help boost industry wide profitability between $10.4 billion and $20.8 billion.

Among Accenture’s findings:

The full study is called “Reimagining Insurance Processes with Intelligent Solutions.” It’s based on an analysis of the potential profit impact of intelligent tech on U.S. tier 1 insurers, plus a survey of 185 insurance process professionals. Those surveyed came from more than 1,000 large global companies with revenues between $500 million and $25 billion. Executives who responded to the survey included CXOs, executives, managers, analysts or engineers.

Source: Accenture