The Latest Launches From Ironshore and Travelers

July 10, 2018

Liberty Mutual-owned Ironshore now has an energy equipment facility that offers property and inland marine insurance for on-shore middle-market business classes in the United States. Travelers’ European arm started marketing a new standalone cyber insurance product for organizations in the U.K. and Ireland.


Ironshore Insurance Services LLC has established an energy equipment facility offering property and inland marine insurance for on-shore middle-market classes of business in the U.S.

Ironshore’s Syndicated Risk Services (SRS) will underwrite the middle-market sector risk for four Lloyd’s of London subscribing partners.

SRS will provide up to $10 million in capacity for oil and gas operators and contractors operating within the on-shore energy sector, with an emphasis on contractor equipment businesses. SRS defines the middle-market sector as insured operations with up to $10 million in equipment values, according to Ben Johnson, director, SRS. Comprehensive terms and conditions of the coverage will be structured to the specific coverage demands of complex risks.

Ironshore’s Global Energy Industry Practice underwrites insurance programs for commercial entities across all classes within specialty markets, including casualty, property, environmental, marine, professional lines and political risk.


Travelers Europe now offers Travelers CyberRisk, a new standalone cyber insurance product for organizations of all sizes in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Travelers CyberRisk provides liability and first-party cover for losses from cyber attacks. It also provides access to assistance that can help limit client exposure to cyber events, including breach coaches, forensic investigators, public relations support and credit monitoring services.

Travelers CyberRisk includes limits up $13.3 million across liability, breach response, cyber crime and business loss covers. It is a standalone policy that can be purchased individually or as part of the Travelers Management Liability Package.

Sources: Ironshore, Travelers