P/C Insurers Struggle to Match the Digital Customer Service Wizardry of Others: J.D. Power

June 29, 2018

Property/casualty insurers have a long way to go toward meeting customer expectations about their digital interactions, the new J.D. Power 2018 Insurance Digital Experience Study found.

J.D. Power notes a few insurers that excelled with digital customer service, such as GEICO and Allstate, but said the results reveal many other insurers struggle to match digital customer service standards set by digital pioneers such as Amazon, Netflix and Uber.

“While many insurers are falling short, the leaders are establishing best practices for how to build engagement, create personalized digital experiences and deliver consistency across digital components,” Tom Super, director of the Property & Casualty Insurance Practice at J.D. Power, said in prepared remarks.

J.D. Power singled out Allstate as doing well with the digital shopping experience, scoring 808 out of 1,000 for shopping satisfaction, well above the 779 industry average. The insurer scored well in areas such as ease of navigation, availability of key information and clarity of information.

GEICO similarly sets the bar for digital service, J.D. Power said in the study. The insurer scored 878 for service satisfaction, above the industry average of 850. According to J.D. Power, the insurer performed well in all areas rated: ease of navigation; appearance; availability of key information; range of services; and clarity of information.

Among the report’s major findings:

J.D. Power expanded this year’s study to include an assessment of a carrier’s overall digital performance based on an industry agnostic view of digital best practices combined with customer perceptions of their interactions with the 19 largest P/C insurance brands in the United States. The study was conducted in partnership with Centric Digital to provide an industry benchmarking and digital experience analysis supported by J.D. Power’s analysis.

The 2018 Insurance Digital Experience Study is based on evaluations from 11,304 respondents and took place February-March 2018.

Source: J.D. Power