A Millennial Says: Individual Development Plans, Pay Incentives Help Nurture Younger Staff

May 7, 2017

The insurance and risk management fields are professions with legions of rapidly-retiring older employees, and they struggle to hire and keep promising new, and younger ones. How to accomplish this? Customized training is one way to do this, a millennial industry professional said during the recent RIMS 2017 annual meeting in Philadelphia.

“Create individual development plans. It’s important to link people’s objectives to the company’s growth,” Kathleen Crowe, an Aon Risk Solutions account specialist, said during the April 26 session.

“We don’t get a lot of opportunities to sit in front of your C-suite and have a conversation with them,” Crowe said, adding that by doing so, “it makes it feel like you’re in it together [and it’s] not just about the company’s bottom line.”

“It is about what you are looking for, working together to get where you want to go,” Crowe added.

Crowe also offered a number of additional tips as to how to attract millennials to your company, and keep them engaged once they’re there. They include:

Crowe ended with a plea: “Please don’t hate millennials.”

“We’re really not that bad,” she said. “We have a lot to learn from you all, but it is really important to provide opportunities for us to move up. We need to have the abilities and skills to manage that outside of being able to understand how to write a policy or write certificiates of service.”