XL Catlin Introduces Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Endorsement for General Aviation

February 27, 2017

XL Catlin is offering a kidnap, ransom and extortion (KRE) crisis endorsement available with its general aviation coverage.

With liability limits up to $1 million, the new KRE endorsement includes coverage for ransom, in-transit delivery of ransom, extra expenses incurred as a result of the incident, legal liability and consultant services. XL Catlin partners with S-RM, a global risk consultancy, to provide kidnap response services to its kidnap and ransom policyholders worldwide. Coverage will be available on an admitted basis in all 50 states, pending approval.

XL Catlin’s North America aviation team offers a suite of aviation insurance coverages for traditional and specialized companies, including major and regional airlines, corporate fleets, component manufacturers and fixed-base airport operators. The company’s general aviation insurance is tailored to provide a variety of protection, including hull damage, third-party liability, and war and terrorism.

XL Catlin’s new endorsement continues a recent trend of KRE offerings and expansions:

Source: XL Catlin