Survey: What Is Online Comparison Shopping Worth?

July 14, 2014

Savings_300x600Bargain hunting for car insurance can save consumers $54 per minute, according to a new survey from

On a savings-per-minute basis, hunting for a bargain on car insurance outranks cellphone plans ($1.86), cable TV ($1.72) and new-car deals ($1.29), the car insurance comparison-shopping website found.

Ease of shopping is a major factor in consumer willingness to bargain hunt: 54 percent of those surveyed chose not to comparison shop because of the hassle of visiting multiple stores or websites, while 40 percent said the time commitment was too big.

Respondents were most likely to invest time shopping for items easily comparable online, such as airfare, laptop computers and car insurance.

Here is a breakdown of how much time, on average, consumers would spend seeking a better price on various items: surveyed 2,000 women and men over age 25, all licensed drivers, asking them about time spent on common purchases and how big the resulting savings were.