InsurTechs to Watch: The Distribution Channel

November 30, 2019

Carrier Management editors reached out to 15 InsurTech executives involved in the distribution of property/casualty insurance to ask questions about their missions, how they’re changing the industry and the implications for carriers. Highlights of their responses are presented here.

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Every dollar we invest in our company is an investment in empowering the broker.

Michael FurlongIndio Technologies

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Ask Kodiak provides a way for carriers to organize and share commercial appetite and eligibility, which can be rather nuanced and complex.

Michael AlbertAsk Kodiak

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Our mission is to empower the global financial services industry to take control of transition management.

Roland ChanFindBob

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Commercial insurance distribution will experience a revolution of technology and not the steady evolution that other P/C lines went through.

Laird RixfordInsurance Technologies Corporation (ITC)

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Semsee takes the pain out of quoting so the agent can be the consultant they want to be for their clients.

Philip Charles-PierreSemsee

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It’s not hard to predict the future. Anything that is offline will go online: books, clothes, food, flights, cars, investments, mortgages, loans, etc. Insurance is no different.

Inaki BerenguerCoverWallet

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BriteBee helps insurance agents increase their digital exposure online and in search….We are empowering a traditional agent model and bringing this model into the digital space.

Keagan HensonBriteBee

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I actually don’t like the word InsurTech because it makes people feel as if we are disrupting the market, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We represent the current agency distribution channel but believe there are ways to improve that model.

Raghav TannaTarmika

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We want insurance agents and underwriters to love their jobs again.

Peter MacDonaldWunderite

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Hyperion X has been brought into existence to disrupt the current marketplace in favor of Hyperion’s brokerage clients through technological innovation.

David FlandroHyperion X

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Slice believes on-demand insurance distribution can increase sales as carriers can give agents the ability to attract clients through a value proposition of near instant coverage with seconds of application processing times.

Tim AttiaSlice Labs LLC

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Our platform is an AI-enabled texting platform that bridges the conversation between insureds and the entire insurance ecosystem, from carriers to their support providers.

Mike GreeneHi Marley

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The future of commercial insurance distribution will see an increase in automation and the agent (the trusted adviser) at the forefront of the exchange.

Ilya BodnerBold Penguin

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By replacing pen and paper at point-of-sale with a more modern solution, we empower agents to provide an enjoyable customer experience.

Kitty AmbersAVYST

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Our mission is to expose agents to an open platform to give them something they have never had before—control over their technology and future.

Jon LincolnVeruna