WHITEPAPER: When is legacy not legacy at all?

If legacy environments are such a threat to operations – why do commercial insurers continue to rely on such systems to run their businesses? Two reasons: because they tend to work, and the burning platform for change is missing.

BLOG: 3 Factors putting your data at risk

Why do data inaccuracies abound in the insurance industry, and what can be done to change things going forward? According to Richard Clark, Head of Business Development & Specialist Commercial for Xuber, the data issues faced by the commercial insurance industry can be largely attributed to 3 factors- find out what they are here!

HOW TO: Build a business case for analytics in commercial insurance

Xuber has published new research which provides a pragmatic and holistic view of analytics. Find out what analysts are saying in more detail, and put this into perspective against the realities of today’s business objectives for commercial insurers and reinsurers.

INFOGRAPHIC: Who is Xuber?

Xuber provides specialist insurance software to insurance specialists, end-to-end. You’re trusted to provide consistent, reliable cover. So is Xuber. When events occur, you need the systems, processes and solutions to restore order. We’re not so different. The Xuber Company Overview Infographic provides a quick snapshot of our history, capabilities, partners and valued customers.

VIDEO: What is the value of the business user?

If your insurance business users are an afterthought, you may be missing out on valuable information that can help you make quality decisions about your business. What can intuitive, user-designed applications offer and can this help you bring the user back to the forefront? Watch Xuber’s Michael Jones, Vice President of Sales, US discuss this in our video blog!

VIDEO: The story of the insurance market and Xuber

From 17th century coffee shops on the streets of London, to coffee butlers on the streets of London at the launch of Xuber in the 21st century… Watch the story of the London Insurance Market and the role Xuber has played.