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Manage occupancy exposure. Improve non-weather performance.

Property insurers need to identify high-risk properties that create vacancy and occupancy issues. Solid, fundamental renewal underwriting strategies help you find these properties and mitigate losses from occupancy exposure. Discover how reducing your exposure improves non-weather performance and increases lift. Get the report.

TransUnion Study: Consumers Approve of Insurance Scores Auto

A TransUnion study found that when consumers are given facts about credit-based insurance scores, they become less opposed to their use to determine rates—if the data predicts driver behavior. See the study.

Auto insurance: Improve risk segmentation and compete better on price

TransUnion has partnered with CARFAX® to develop an industry-first generic score that combines insurance pricing and performance information with CARFAX vehicle data. Independent validations show that the score is significantly predictive and provides lift above and beyond a carrier’s rating plan. Download the report.