For 20 years, Quadrant® has been the foremost provider of property and casualty pricing analysis solutions. Quadrant’s reliable resources provide fast and accurate comparative rating data and reports for a culture seeking tools to enable effective decision-making based on powerful insight and market intelligence.

Quadrant® leads the information market by conducting thorough research and programming, rating QA and manual rate validation, in order to guarantee the most accurate and timely information available. For more information visit

The definite approach to comparative pricing analysis.

Designed for product managers, actuarial departments, pricing analysts and underwriters, our comprehensive suite of software products provides a detailed, accurate and reliable set data for analysis, replacing the traditional time consuming and labor-intensive competitive analysis process with a tools that deliver data with a few clicks, substituting laborious set-up time with valuable analysis time.

What can we do for you?

Our products offer reports and analysis that go beyond individual premium comparisons – book studies, geographic mapping, renewal vs. new business analysis and much more. Each company’s rate process is different, however we’ve found that our solutions deliver the following efficiencies:

  • Allow users to run their company’s book of business through the rates of competitors selected by the user to identify cells where differences stand out.
  • Allow users to run their company’s book of business through a proposed rate set to observe actual results and fine-tune the proposal on the fly.
  • Highlight areas of territorial overlap and their associated territorial relativities at a glance for up to 10 companies in a single exhibit to assist refinement of territorial definitions and rates.
  • Automatically map competing territories with their color-coded rates with MapSight, eliminating the need for time consuming hand-drawn reports.
  • Savings can be measured in terms of time, a shorter review process and in extreme cases clerical headcount might be expendable due to eliminated input requirements.

Further, carriers can use our tools to mine the extensive set of company rating information at their fingertips to explore and dissect their competitors’ rate structures. Our actuarial and technical staff can work directly with our clients to develop custom applications and reports to address specific business needs.

Why choose Quadrant?

Quadrant stands alone as a comparative pricing analysis leader and here are 5 reasons to show you why:

Industry knowledge

  • In business for over 20 years (never bought or sold)
  • Partnership with leading industry carriers
  • Over 20,000 rate sets available
  • 50 states + D.C supported for auto, motorcycle, and home (HO3, HO4, HO6, and DF3)
  • Packaged Auto and Home rating

Rate accuracy

  • Over 99% accurate
  • Detailed QA process that included hand rate validation
  • 60% of our rates come directly from carriers
  • New rates are updated on a weekly basis

Outstanding customer service

  • Rapid implementation process
  • Unlimited training, onsite and online
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Technical resources available as needed
  • Customer focused


  • InsureWatch becomes the first zero-footprint app
  • Access to pre-rated and pre-calculated reports, which means more time to analyze data
  • Downloading of actual competitor manuals is included fa
  • Custom reports build to your specifications

More than just a batch rater

  • From pricing analytics to data solutions, our software suite is the most complete and robust in the market
  • Access to over 6 million real online shoppers database
  • Premium analysis reports using Google Maps
  • Conduct rate studies which date back to 2003
  • Proprietary credit & tier alignment, territory alignment and easily rate new vs. renewal business