In this conversation, we’ll discuss the importance of architecture in selecting policy, billing, and claims platform software and how multi-tenant SaaS provides a more strategic path for digital transformation and speed-to-market advantage.

Modern insurers looking to capitalize on the promise of digital transformation face a dilemma. Continue to invest in legacy core tech at ever higher costs or gamble on traditional modernization projects that could leave them retooling yet again.

The cost of choosing the wrong platform carries high risks when considering that years-long implementation projects strains resources, impairs operations, and burns cash — often at a rate up to 3X initial estimates.

And even when implementation goes well, the return on investment may never fully be realized if a new system straps the business with pricey ongoing maintenance or leaves them behind with each new industry technological advancement.

There’s a lot on the line by getting it wrong. It turns out, the most strategic path to navigating this challenge is to focus on the architecture itself.

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Hosted by industry veterans Joe Cannon (Origami Risk) and Swati Kawle (Origami Risk), the webinar’s feature presenter is Dustin Barrington (Origami Risk).

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