Many insurance carriers understand the great potential offered by smart home sensor technology. They know these devices can change the face of insurance by providing everything from homeowner data to opportunities to improve customer engagement and build relationships.

Despite the numerous benefits, carriers are struggling to integrate smart home devices into policies and discount programs. There are many reasons for this, but most of them come down to one thing – fear.

Organizations can be wary of investing in initiatives that might take the company in a new direction. Even when a smart home pilot program delivers well against its KPIs, moving to a nationwide rollout can cause anxiety and an added layer of pressure. Has the program got the internal commitment and processes it needs for success and will the rollout be as well-received as the pilot results indicate?

Risks can be mitigated. Those organizations that engage a partner who has successfully led other smart home programs, can take advantage of their experience and expertise. The best partners reduce uncertainty by offering end-to-end operational systems that include comprehensive reporting, product shipping, support materials for agents and customer troubleshooting.

“Doing something new is always scary,” said Bret Jurgens, CEO and co-founder of Notion. “To go from protecting people against loss to helping proactively prevent issues takes a leap of faith and a radically different corporate mindset. But these obstacles can be overcome, especially when carriers work hand-in-hand with a reliable partner that has the programs, products and experience to mitigate the obstacles within insurance.”

Notion, a Comcast company, partners with top insurance brands to develop innovative new smart home policies. It designs insuretech programs to meet strategic goals such as customer acquisition, retention and claims reduction.

With so much to gain, what is preventing insurers from embracing smart monitoring technologies?

Smart home control panel on virtual screen. IOT and Automation technology concept.

ROI and Program Performance

Before embarking on an insuretech program, carriers need to answer some hard questions about what they want to accomplish. Are they looking for new customers, policyholder engagement or claims control? Only when they have clear goals can they select the KPIs that will deliver the success metrics they need. A technology partner that understands the insurance industry’s nuances is an invaluable resource to leverage at the planning stage.


What exactly will an Internet of Things (IoT) program entail? From marketing to shipping to technical support, technology isn’t a carrier’s core business. Finding a partner that offers a complete program means the carrier can get an initiative up and running quickly and easily without investing time and resources tooling up.

“The truth is,” said Jurgens, “carriers don’t have to go it alone. “Notion has developed a complete end-to-end solution that takes care of all the heavy lifting. We even manage initial marketing support, installation reminders, ongoing co-branded engagement and data reporting.”

Customer Satisfaction

The vast variety of devices and technology to choose from can be daunting for carriers. But, it really comes down to customer satisfaction. What is the quality of the product? What does the customer journey look like? Choosing a partner with a track record in the insurance industry and great reviews at the consumer level is the best way to mitigate this concern. You can see what homeowners say about Notion on Trustpilot, a trusted third-party review tool.

Data Security

Insurance providers take their customers data privacy and security very seriously and so should any partner with whom they interact. Carriers must do comprehensive due diligence on any prospective partner. Companies like Notion, which are owned by established organizations with robust IT and cybersecurity protocols, offer the nearest thing insurers can get to a guarantee.

Change is coming to the insurance industry and carriers need to decide whether they want to lead or follow. Those that embrace smart technology and the direct insurance benefits it offers will have a competitive advantage when it comes to customer acquisition, engagement, claims reduction and business transformation.

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